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Another option for denture or partials are mini dental implants.  These are a life saver for denture wearers who are tired of their dentures moving around.  They are also great for patients who have a removable partial denture that wiggle too much.  Best of all, they are very affordable.  The cost of a mini implant is about one-third of a normal implant.

Mini Implants

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Mini dental implants are affordable, costing about one-third the cost of traditional implants.  The cost to place a mini implant and attach it to your denture or partial is $650 per implant.  For the lower teeth, 2-4 implants will be needed.  For the upper arch, 4-6 implants will be needed.  In many cases your existing denture can be used.

Is the MDI Mini Dental Implant placement painful?

No, MDI mini dental implants are placed with local anesthetic. Unlike full size implants, MDI implants are usually placed without making an incision in the gum.



Will I have pain after the MDI implant placement?

You should feel little discomfort, if any, after placement. Generally, any discomfort you do feel will go away within 48 hours. Over the counter pain relievers are usually adequate. If needed, your dentist can prescribe pain medication that will control the discomfort, which you should take as directed.


How long does the procedure take?

MDI mini dental implants can be placed, and your denture fitted, in about 1 ½ to 2 hours.



What will my first day feel like?

Your dentures will feel stable and secure. Though there may be some mild discomfort, you should not experience any excessive bleeding. You may eat when you’re hungry, but avoid excessively hard or sticky foods for a period of time recommended by your dentist.



How do I take out the dentures?

Place your thumbs under each side of the lower denture rim.

Push both sides up at the same time. You can also use your tongue to assist in the removal.

Rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash.

3M™ MDI Mini Dental Implants also recommends using an ACCESS™ toothbrush, which has been specifically designed to clean your implants while gently stimulating the surrounding gum tissue.



How do I put in the dentures?

You must first clean and remove any food and bacterial debris from the ball of the implants and O-ring features.

This prevents inflammation of the gums by plaque, which could be forced into the O-ring fixtures and cause improper seating and problems with retaining the dentures in your mouth.

Grasp the denture with both hands and lightly seat it, so that you are feeling the O-rings resting above the ball head of the implants.

Press down firmly and equally on both sides, until the denture snaps into place.



What if I have trouble putting in the denture?

Always remember that the implants and the dentures must be absolutely clean. You might need to use a lighter touch to rest each implant over its corresponding socket. When you push down on both sides of the denture, make sure you do so equally. If you still have difficulty, you may need another person, like a spouse or family member, to help you get the feel for placing the denture.



How long will mini dental implants (MDI) last?

MDI Mini Dental Implants can last as long as full-size implants if cared for properly. Regular visits to your dentist are recommended for long-term success.



What happens if an MDI implant fails?

Your dentist may choose to place another MDI implant in another site.



What is the cost to have mini dental implants done?

Typically, the cost to have mini dental implants done will range from $2,800 to $5,000*. Compare that to full-size implants – which can cost anywhere from $12,000 to $30,000* – and you will see that mini dental implants can provide a cost-effective option to stabilize loose dentures.


*Prices will vary by type of case and location. Based on a mandibular denture case.


Are MDI mini dental implants covered by my insurance?

As with most elective dental procedures, insurance coverage varies widely. If your insurance company does not cover dental implants, ask your dentist about payment plan options.