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All-on-4 Full Mouth Implants



    There are times when we all wish we could rewind the clock to get back something we have lost.  In golf this is called a mulligan.  All-on-4 is a dental mulligan.  You can get back 90-95% of your biting force and you will never have to take your teeth out at night.  Because your teeth will rest on implants, comfort and strength will return to your bite.  All-on-4  is essentially a dental bridge resting on implants.

      All-on-4 is becoming the standard of care for replacing teeth throughout the mouth.  Retail dental implant chains have capitalized on this single procedure.  Because most dentists and even oral surgeons do not do this procedure frequently, retail dental implant chains have had little competition, and charged high fees.  In our office office we do this procedure frequently, and use the same labs, reps, and surgeons as the larger chains while saving our patients significant amounts of money.  Though certainly All-on-4 is a significant financial investment, it can be made more affordable while increasing follow up care and a personal touch by choosing our office. Call for a free consultation and find out if you are a good candidate today.





I have periodontal disease.  Would this be a good option for me?


We believe your natural teeth are worth fighting for, but in some cases periondontal disease can make keeping your teeth a losing battle.  If you have a terminal dentition, in other words, it's not if, but when your loose your teeth, then All-On-4 may be your best option.


Can I take this out?


No, The appliance remains in place except for occasional cleanings.


Is it uncomfortable like my denture?


No, your appliance is resting on implants, not gums.  Consequently, you will also nearly triple your biting force from you existing denture.


Why would I choose you?


    Past patients have told us the reason they came here initially is experience and cost. Dr. Stark does more All-on-4 cases than almost all dentists in Utah. The Oral Surgeon who will place your implants is board certified and has placed hundereds of implants.  The lab that will make your appliance has been doing implant supported dentures for over a decade

     The second reason is cost.  Most of our patients find us on the internet after going through some sticker shock after visiting one of the highly advertised implant chains.  Certainly, restoring your mouth with an All-On-4 is  a significat investment, but we can save you thousands.



Can I talk to any previous patients?

     Absolutley, several patients have offered that they would love to talk to someone who might be contemplating this procedure.


Will my insurance pay for any of this?

    Often times dental insurance will pay a portion as will flex spending.  Patients may save money by placing their implants and temporaty teeth in one insurance year and their permanent teeth in the next.  Medical insurance has paid in the past if the tooth loss was due to an accident or medical problem like cancer.  More information can be obtained at your consultation.










































1. Set up an appointment for a free consultation.


2. Meet Dr. Stark, who will place your teeth after surgery.


3. After your evaluation, Dr. Stark will have you meet with the Surgeon.  (Please note this may not be feasable to do in the same day in some cases. If traveling long distances please let us know in advance.) Many of our patients also have enjoyed meeting with the lab that will fabricate your appliance.


4. Schedule your surgery. Implants and temporary teeth will be done in the same day.


5.  Allow implant integration for 4-6 months.


6. Allow 2-3 appointments to make your final appliance.


7. Come in every year to evaluate your hygiene with the appliance.